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Haida M10 Drop-in One Million X Edition Filter

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293 In stock Haida M10 Drop-in One Million X Edition Filter
Haida M10 Drop-in One Million X Edition Filter
Haida M10 Drop-in One Million X Edition Filter
Haida M10 Drop-in One Million X Edition Filter
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Haida M10 Drop-in One Million X Edition Filter

Interested in solar photography? Before you go out and start taking shots of the blazing sun, you should know that proper gear is absolutely necessary. The sun is extremely bright and constantly radiates harmful rays, such as ultraviolet and infrared, making certain precautions necessary.

Key features:

  • 6.0 Solid Neutral Density Filter
  • Darken Entire Image
  • Allows Reduced Shutter Speed and wider Aperture
  • Not only for long exposure but for shooting the sun
  • Nano coating on both sides, scratch-resistant and water oilproof

Taking a direct photo of the sun without the correct filter can permanently damage not only your camera but also your eyes. The glass within the lens acts as a magnifying glass and multiplies the intensity of the sun as it hits the sensor of the camera or your retina. Other parts that can be damaged within your camera are the shutter curtains as well as the autofocus sensor.

Luckily for photographers, Haida just launched ND 5.0 and One Million X Edition filters for solar photography. It is recommended that you stick to a designated solar filter instead of choosing a normal ND Filter.

A solar filter is designed to view the sun. It not only dims the intensity of the sun, but it also protects both your eyes and your equipment from the damage. The average range of solar filters decreases light by 16 to 20 stops. You should never use a filter with less light-stopping power than this.

Production code: HD4609
Kod EAN: 6972288552882
  • Effect
    solar photography
  • Filter type
    Full ND
  • Full Filter size
    Drop-in M10
  • Full Filter Density
    ND 6.0 / NDx1000000
  • Filters mounting
    Haida M10
    Haida M10-II
  • Serie
    Haida NanoPro

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