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Haida Slim PROII Multi-coating UV Filter 82mm

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34.13 In stock Haida Slim PROII Multi-coating UV Filter 82mm
Haida Slim PROII Multi-coating UV Filter 82mm
Haida Slim PROII Multi-coating UV Filter 82mm
Haida Slim PROII Multi-coating UV Filter 82mm
Haida Slim PROII Multi-coating UV Filter 82mm
Price: 34,13 £
The Haida Slim Multi-coating UV (PROII) Filter is a wise initial investment. Haida MC-UV PROII filters are excellent general purpose filters since they will not only protect your front element from airborne contaminants as well as fingerprints but also help you get better images at high altitude and while on the water.

Using this filter will diminish the bluish cast caused by the various atmospheric factors. It will not have an effect on the color balance of your shot. No increase in exposure is required.

A UV filter is the best available protection for the front element of your lens. A lens that accidentally gets dropped on its front element while hiking can potentially be saved by purchasing this item.

Aside from the more-than-significant benefit, MC-UV PROII filter render your photo clearer, sharper and more contrasts. For those who enjoy outdoor photography, especially distant vistas, a Haida PROII MC-UV filter can produce a more distinct and acceptable image by removing much of the blue tint normally associated with atmospheric haze.
  • Constructed from high quality glass for optical clarity.
  • Digital water proof and scratch resistant multi-coating offers both protection to the glass and helps to improve light transmission and image quality.
  • The slim filters are specifically designed for use with wide angle lenses.
  • High quality aluminum filter ring helps to prevent jamming and provides additional strength.
  • Portable plastic box with soft foam.
Kod EAN: 6900574140826
  • Lens diameter
  • Serie
    Haida PROII

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