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Hitech Firecrest ND 0.6 Grad Soft Filter (100x150)

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233.26 In stock Hitech Firecrest ND 0.6 Grad Soft Filter (100x150)
Hitech Firecrest ND 0.6 Grad Soft Filter (100x150)
Price: 233,26 £

The Firecrest Soft Edge ND Grad uses Firecrest technology to create the world’s most neutral grad filter, and is the perfect complement to the Firecrest ND filters. Soft edge grads are versatile filters used to balance the luminosity of a bright sky with the terrain below. The soft edge makes it easy to place the filter in the scene, especially over undefined horizons (such as mountains). Firecrest is a revolutionary new type of ND filter from Formatt-Hitech. Rather than dyed resin, Firecrest is a carbon metallic coating used to create hyper neutral NDs. The filters are made from 2mm thick Schott Superwite glass, and the multicoating is bonded in the middle to increase scratch resistance. Firecrest Filters are neutral across all spectrums, including UV, visible, and infrared. This 100x150mm Firecrest Soft Edge ND Grad filter reduces light by 2 stops at the top of the filter.

  • Compatible with:
    • holders: Hitech 100, Lee 100, Cokin Z-Pro
Kod EAN: 5052618167397
  • Grad Filter size
  • Grad Filter Density
    ND 0.6 / NDx4
  • Gradation transition
    Grad Soft
  • Filters mounting
    Cokin Z-Pro
    Haida M10
    Hitech 100
    Irix 100
    Lee 100
    Nisi 100 (V5)
    Nisi 100 (V6)
  • Serie
    Hitech Firecrest

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